Colorado Volunteers of America is looking for a few good seniors

The Volunteers of America RSVP Program connects volunteers 55 and better with meaningful opportunities to serve in Denver and the surrounding communities. 

RSVP Senior Volunteers in Denver Colorado

RSVP Senior Volunteers in Denver Colorado

RSVP is a national, non-profit volunteer program for those 55 years and better who want to share their wisdom, skills, time, and enthusiasm in their community locally sponsored by Volunteers of America in the Denver metro area.

Where do RSVP senior volunteers serve?

There are over 600 volunteers serving in the Denver metro area supporting the mission of Volunteers of America and 60 other non-profits in the metro area.  Popular volunteer opportunities include delivering Meals on Wheels, tutoring and mentoring in the schools, educating the community on disaster preparedness, and volunteering at one-time special events.  Last year, Denver RSVP volunteers donated over 106,000 hours of service to the community. Visit the website here for more ideas and current volunteer opportunities.

RSVP works with approximately 60 non-profit agencies in the Denver area, which allows us to find the ideal volunteer position for each of our volunteers, along with a group of Special Projects Volunteers, who help with one-day projects and activities.

Why become an RSVP Volunteer?

RSVP is a one-stop-shop for volunteer opportunities in the metro area.  Many times someone who is interested in volunteering will look for an organization, complete the application, pass a background check, and attend an orientation, only to discover that it is not a good fit.  At this point the volunteer is back to square one, and has to start the process all over again.

RSVP takes all the work out of finding and getting connected to volunteer opportunities.  With RSVP, you fill out one application and attend one orientation.  They connect you with as few or as many volunteer opportunities as you like, based on your interests and skills.  In addition, RSVP provides all actively enrolled volunteers with supplemental liability insurance that covers volunteers traveling to and from their volunteer stations, as well as the duration of their volunteer shifts.  You may even qualify for travel reimbursement to help cover the cost of transportation to and from your volunteer station!  You’ll also enjoy our social activities and monthly community projects!

To find out more about the RSVP Program, contact Dan Glavin at 303-297-0408 or